Please, no

I was scrolling through my dashboard/newsfeed whatever you would like to call it, and I saw something I never want to see again. Yup, that’s what it looks like. Someone “liveblogging” their child birth. There is so much wrong with this. Birth is not something for the entire world to see/hear about! Seriously, gross. Newsflash: [...]

Stop That

There is never an excuse to use minority slurs or make sexist remarks through any social media network (or in real life). So quit that. It doesn’t make a person look smart or cool, it’s just annoying and offensive. I personally have started de-friending or un-following people who make such comments. I don’t need words [...]

Hardly anyone likes their job 100% of the time. But that’s why it’s called work, right? Because it’s work. Everyone complains about work at some point. I’m not denying that. But really, stop doing it on Facebook/Twitter etc! Don’t you realize your employer can see it? Your coworkers can too. And potential employers. Not to [...]

A common misconception floating around is that Twitter is just for people to share what they had for lunch, what TV show they’re watching or how the weather is. This isn’t exactly true. Twitter is about social connections. It’s a way for companies to reach thousands of people, among other things. So, what’s appropriate? Really, [...]