Stop That

There is never an excuse to use minority slurs or make sexist remarks through any social media network (or in real life). So quit that. It doesn’t make a person look smart or cool, it’s just annoying and offensive. I personally have started de-friending or un-following people who make such comments.

I don’t need words like “fag” or “retard” clogging up my dashboard and newsfeed. It’s bad enough when people use those words in real life conversations, but putting offensive things on the internet for hundreds of people to see is just unclassy and tactless.

Cyber bullying doesn’t have to be directly aimed at someone.  As can be read here, cyber bullying and harassment doesn’t have to be personal. Slurs and biases that are taken too far count as bullying and harassment and the last thing we need or want as a society is a higher suicide rate.

So, watch what you say. And for goodness sakes, all adults out there should know better. If something isn’t going your way, calling it “gay” or “retarded” won’t fix that. It’ll just make you sound like you didn’t finish high school. Time to learn grown-up words to express disgust and discontent.

2 Responses to “Stop That”

  1. Preach!! :)

  2. Candace Bettendorf
    22:58, 07.06.2011

    I’m kind of amazed that it even needs to be said! although I do admit there are times that I have to stop and try to think of the politically correct term for something. I said “oriental’ the other day, and was quickly corrected to “Asian”. Hmmm. I thought “oriental” sounded classier, but I’m willing to admit that I’m wrong. When I’m talking about someone else, I may say “physically challenged”. When talking about myself, I get lazy and just say “crip”. Sticks and stones can break my bones, and words CAN do harm.

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